Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Highs

Our last couple of weeks have been busy getting back into the school routine. We are slowly finding our rhythm and discovering the homework load/busy-ness of Clovis schools. We walk to school every morning and really enjoy the time to talk and spend time with the girls. Chris gets to walk with us on Mondays and Fridays and we love doing it as a family. We also walk to school a couple of mornings with our neighbor friend, Lilly. Her brother Sean walks home with us because he is in afternoon Kindergarten.
Weekends are always fun around here in cohousing. There are a bunch of kids to play with. Last Saturday our house was filled with little people! We had my niece and nephew over, and neighbor kids filling the house with laughter and noise. Thankfully they all get along very well.
Here the kids got together for a rousing game of 'telephone'. Chris even got in on the fun! Thats what you get when you don't have a TV for entertainment!

Sammi finds her fun with the animals around the community. Here she is with Bebe. She loves this cat. It tolerates her.
I think I have mentioned this before, but the thing I love about cohousing, especially this cohousing community in Fresno, is the wonderful commitment to community that all our neighbors exhibit. The acceptance of our children is such a blessing to Chris and I and the kids have come to see our community neighbors as extended family.
This is George. I couldn't find Sammi the other afternoon and as I was frantically looking for her I heard George call out to me that he had her there on the porch. She had found her way over to his house and they were chatting and watching the birds. Nothing to worry about. She was in good hands. Thanks George! There are eyes watching our kids, everyone looking out for each other.

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Tamera said...

so cool! what a great community! How is Kim, by the way? Looking forward to seeing more of you:)