Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Addi turned 5!

Addison turned 5 August 2nd. In planning for the big day all she said she wanted was Hello Kitty and a trip to the "beauty shop." So the night before, my mom and I decorated the dining table and the hallway from her room with streamers. She woke to a pink wonderland with a crown and everything! Her other big surprise was a covetted Baby Alive doll she has been asking for since last Christmas!

After a good breakfast, she and I headed out to get her nails done. She looked so big in that chair. I have a feeling I've started something with her...she thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing! Shoot! I don't even splurge on this kind of thing for myself :)

After that, I took her to a salon to get her hair done up. What a treat!

She got home, put on a special dress, and had a wonderful time having pictures taken and then opening gifts. The day was truly hers!

For supper I made spaghetti (for the kids) and put it on the table and they ate with thier fingers...and mouths :) For any of you girls that I roomed with in that huge house in college, this should bring back some memories!! It was a blast, and all the kids loved the treat!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lets look back a couple of months...


Like I mentioned in a previous blog, we had an eventful June. In the first weekend we had our 2nd annual Coaches Retreat at Bass Lake for all the athletic coaches at Fresno Christian Schools. It was a great gathering for all our families and a time to get to know eachother better. There was swimming, boating, and lots of eating (thanks to Dorina Gilmore's culinary expertise!).

The following day we headed up to the mountains with Ericlee and Dorina Gilmore and thier daughter Meilani. It was my 33rd bday, so at the campfire that night we sang and I received a smores birthday 'cake'. What a treat! They also treated me with a mountain massage at the resort. That was really nice. We went on some beautiful hikes and Dorina cooked some hearty meals for us all. We had a perfect site right by the river. It was beautiful! The only bummer of the whole weekend was that Tessa ran a 103.5 degree temp on Saturday night and was totally lethargic and lifeless for the entire weekend. By Sunday, Kamryn can contracted it and so it goes. All in all, our 2nd Annual Mono Hotsprings trip was quite memorable.

There were really too many good pics to show here. I had a hard time choosing which ones would capture our experience.

The day we got home from Mono, I ran to the store for a pregnancy test and soon shared the results with our gang. Yes, it was positive, we are growing to 4 little Schultz's. All the girls were very excited as were Chris and I. This was no accident. We have always talked about wanting 4 or 5 kids. But now I think I know 4 is my max! :) Thank you Lord!

The rest of June was a bunch of basketball for Chris...and morning after morning of early workouts.

...Started off with a "bang!" We celebrated 4th of July with our good friends the Slaydens. They invited a bunch of people over to thier home and we swam, ate and enjoyed some FREE fireworks. They were a little loud for the little ones, but they enjoyed them all the same.

The next day, Chris and Dave took all 5 kids up to Fresno Dome for a hike. Amazing enough, Tessa hiked the whole 2 miles on her own! She's amazing! The guys were great taking the kids, which allowed me to spend the day cleaning and preparing for an evening of fun. For the past 2 years the Pauls ladies (my mom, 2 sisters and my sis in-law) get together for an evening of sharing and celebrating our birthdays. The past 2 times have been progressive dinners around town. This year we decided to pick a course out of a hat and prepare that. We decorated our backyard with tiki lamps and twinkle lights and my brother even came to serve adn check on us. It was a magical evening. Chris set up an outdoor movie screen and we ended the evening with a viewing of Dirty Dancing. Can't get better than that! It was great!!

The girls also went to sports camp this year for 2 weeks in a row. The first week was a Sports Skills camp, and in the 2nd week, Kamryn did tennis, and Addi repeated the Sports Skills. They really loved being busy those weeks (as did I!).

Chris also continued with his workout program with P90X. Several times the girls joined in with him. Kamryn has even completed the first half of a leg workout, and if any of you know anything about Tony Horton's workouts, this is HARD! We've got a very strong girl on our hands :) These are pictures of Tessa doing yoga with Chris...she participated all on her own...exemplifying a healthy lifestyle is starting to rub off on the girls.