Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Day of School

Kamryn just started the 1st grade and she is loving it! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Zaremba and is wonderful with the kids. So far our only issue is getting Kamryn to eat her whole lunch at school. Somehow the girl can go a whole day on a tiny bowl of cereal or an apple. All in all, she's a happy kid with energy to boot! Just like her daddy, an energizer bunny!
Chris also started in his new postion as Athletic Director for K - 12th grade. It is a big job and he is busier than ever, but he is loving it! We are looking forward to a great year!

Where we are now...

This is my first time doing something like this. I've seen friends compile thier thoughts and family updates on these sites and have so enjoyed reading up on them, I thought...maybe it is our turn. So here we go:

Hello, to all of you; near and very far away. We are once again at the beginning of another school year. Our summer was eventful and packed with adventures that will remain in our memories forever. Here is a quick recap of our summer and where we are now.
In July we spent one week up at Mono Hot Springs camping. What an unbelievable time. We had never been camping with the girls and so why not dive right in! The scenery was beautiful and the girls loved being dirty....constantly! We did lots of hiking, swimming and eating, it was great! We have definitely chosen our campsite for next year...anyone want to join us?

Then near the end of July we took a couple of days and went north to Santa Cruz. We visited the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, some state parks and had a day at the beach. We stayed at a nice hotel this time and the girls loved swimming in the pool.

As for us as a family, Kamryn is an energetic 5 year old. She is thriving in 1st grade and loves riding the bus. She also loves to sing, and comes home with a new song everyday. She loves to play on the computer and is becoming quite a good reader.
Addison just turned 4 in August and is right on Kamryn's tail about just about everything. She now wants very much to be in school (thank goodness not til next year) and so we have been working on some preschool activities at home.
Addison loves all things pink and twirly. She is a girly-girl. Addison loves to read books and draw pictures for both mommy and daddy.

Tessa will be 2 in December. She can definitely hold her own with her two big sisters. She is talking so much lately and it is cute to hear her try to communicate what she is wanting or seeing. She has taken a huge interest in reading and I can usually find her coming to me, book in hand, with a tap, tap on my leg, "book, book!"

Well, that is us for now. I'll try to keep this page updated with fun stuff. Til next time!