Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sammi is 3 months old!

Our little peanut is growing up! She may be petite, but she is really getting the rolls and filling out. She is finding her hand and beginning to giggle. She is a terribly alert little girl and watches everything that is going on around her. The girls love to carry on conversations with her little babbles. So adorable!

May Day

My mom encouraged the girls to celebrate May Day (May 1st) by making a vase out of a paper cone and delivering flowers to our neighbors. Well the girls really took this to heart and so we went ahead and made our vases and picked flowers from the back yard and the girls delivered them in the rain to our neighbors. They LOVED doing this and wanted to do it again every day for the next week!

Chris Graduates!

After almost 4 long years, 2 children and 6 jobs later, Chris's Masters is done, he finally did it! He graduated on May 9th with a Masters degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies. He walked across stage at Fresno Pacific University and then we celebrated with friends and family at House of Kabob afterwards. Way to go, Chris!

We Planted a Garden

We finally got our garden planted. I've been wanting to experiment with a garden for the girls for a couple of years now, and we finally did it. We have a few different herbs: dill, oregano, rosemary, parsley, basil and mint. We also planted veggies: carrots, lettuce, peas and beans. I'm excited to see if we get anything this year!

Family Weekends

God has blessed us with 2 jobs for Chris to invest in: The Well Missions Dept. as well as the night dean at the Institute of Technology. Though this is a great provision for us, it doesn't leave us with much time as a family during the week. So we decided that we would make our weekends really count for us. Our first getaway was to Bass Lake for an afternoon....a stormy afternoon.

Then we decided to go up to Palo Alto for a service project that a church was holding at a school in Menlo Park. We helped garden, paint and produce artwork for the campus beautifucation project. It was a chilly day, but a wonderful reason to get out of the valley. We all had a great time and the helpers there couldn't believe we came all the way from Fresno to help them with thier serve day. We just needed a place to go and serve.

Chris's hours for both jobs keep him busy from 8am - 11:00pm Mon -Thurs. The only way I can keep sane through this is knowing that we have a weekend family getaway to look forward to. We haven't been able to get away every weekend, but we make them a priority to spend time together.