Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easter Day

He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!
The kids were so amped up to have an easter egg hunt this year that they practiced a week ahead of time. Once the day had come, they knew all the good hiding spots and succeeded in finding all kinds of eggs. The crazy thing is, in this picture the kids are in sweaters and jackets, but a week later, my two girls were running through the sprinklers the day before easter! It was a warm and beautiful weekend!

We painted eggs the night before all in preparation for Sunday. Kim had crafts ready to make and I got the dye ready for the boiled eggs.

Then that night I braided the girls' hair for Sunday morning, so it was all crimped (I'm having a flashback to the 80's!).

My mom is the drama director at thier church, Central Community Church, and so we attended her Easter play (which was phenominal!). The girls got dressed up in their easter dresses (from a wedding they were in last November) and we took lots of pictures! Here are a few...

Showing off the new easter shoes...

We hosted at our house this year and it is a perfect location for all the activities cuz our house is next door to Kim and Dave's, so we just knocked down the fence and we have one huge yard! We had my in-laws, Gary & Cindy Schultz, my nephew Devon, my brother Jason and his wife Leah with thier two boys Dylan and Shepard, Kim and Dave and thier two kids Emma and Ty, Dave's mom Cindy, and then there was our family of 5. So it was a packed house! We had plenty of good food and lots of easter eggs to go around.

Later we went to our church, The Well Community Church, for a service and BBQ/easter egg hunt. Too bad I forgot my camera.
Though it was an incredible day of activity, the reason for the celebration was not lost. Christ came to this earth, lived a perfect life and died on the cross for our sins...and rose again on the 3rd day! What a reason to celebrate!

Kamryn Continues to Improve!

We are proud to celebrate that Kamryn received her 3rd stripe on her white belt (last month!). She is continuing to enjoy learning new moves at Fresno Kenpo Karate. She is currently preparing for her 1st tournament on the 26th. They are teaching her how to sparr and defend herself when she is attacked! At first she was scared to punch her instructor, but she is slowly gaining courage and we are so proud of her. She still has her days where she isn't keen on going to class, but overall, her attitude is really improving and we see some encouraging changes in her energy level and personal outlook since beginning karate.