Thursday, January 17, 2008

A New Year!

Well the Schultz' made through 2007 and, yes, are alive in 2008! I haven't updated in a couple of weeks due to the entire family getting the flu! Praise God, I was spared the flu fever and body aches, though. It took a good 2 1/2 weeks for everyone to be feeling 100%. So here are a few updates since we last chatted:

At the end of December, we enrolled Kamryn in Karate. She had to try out and do some memorization of movements before she could be accepted. She looks so cute in her little white karate uniform. I'll include pictures in newer blogs. She attends Fresno Kenpo Karate every Monday and Wednesday for an hour and she is beginning to enjoy it. They do lots of conditioning and training on respect, discipline and leadership. We are excited to see how this program will help her in school and all around. Yesterday was a big day, she tested for her first "stripe" on her belt, and she passed! She had to remember 2 special moves and do it infront of the class (about 8-10 kids at her level....24 kids in the entire session). We are very proud of how she focused and concentrated for this test. So she is a "one-striped white belt". If anyone is interested in more information on Kenpo Karate, let me know. Kamryn can invite a friend to check out the class and if that friend decides to join the class too, Kamryn will receive a badge for her uniform. So far we are very happy with what she is accomplishing and learning in the class.

Kamryn and Chris started back to school on the 7th of January and so we jumped right back into routine. This, I have to admit, was a bit settling. Vacation is great, but we seem to loose all sence of balance when there is no set routine. We are happy to be up and about again.