Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Month with Samantha

I can't believe it has already been 4 weeks since Sam was born! It feels like she has been in our lives so much longer than that! Here is a quick update of our first month together as a complete family:

We had Sam on a Saturday and on Sunday I underwent surgery for a tubal ligation. I wasn't prepared for the recovery and so it was pretty slow going for the first 2 weeks of being home. I was able to deliver Samantha as I had wished, which was to go completely natural with no medication. I'll admit, I'm sure glad I decided to do it this way on my 4th-and LAST- baby...the epidural is sweet relief! I'm not sure we'd be celebrating 4 babies if it had been the other way. All that to say, we had a great labor and delivery experience with the help of my doula, Bonnie Masten, my mom, Kim and Chris all in the delivery room. Everybody played a part in helping me relax and focus on the goal: delivery a very healthy baby girl.

Upon arriving home the girls had made beautiful cards and had decorated the room. I had so much help from Chris and my family. It was a bit overwhelming to go from a "quiet" room in the hospital with the only interuptions being the pesky nurse taking my temperature and pressing on my very sore tummy to 3 lively girls jumping all over and around me asking so many questions all at the same time. I couldn't think straight so Chris lovingly took them on many outings to give me some peace and rest.

Here is the sign that Addison had made for Sam. She taped it to the wall right above her crib-SO CUTE!

The other day I walked into my room and found Tessa watching over Sam. What a great big sister she is. :)
Samantha's first sponge bath was a whole family event. All the kids crowded into our little bathroom and watched as we made her all soapy and smelling good. The novely wore off pretty quickly. They only stayed for the first 5 mins...I guess it wasn't as exciting as they thought it would be.

For now we have sort of settled in to a routine and as I type this update, Sam is sleeping in the sun on a beautiful warm California afternoon....ahhh naptime. I should be sleeping too.
Thanks to all you wonderful friends and family who have prayed for us, supported us, sent gifts, made meals and watched the girls. We love you and couldn't have done this without you! Well, I guess we could have, but I wouldn't be sane typing this right now and it wouldn't have been as lovely an experience. :)