Monday, September 24, 2007

At the Park with the Gilmore's

It was a girls afternoon out for the Schultz' and Gilmore's last Wednesday. We packed a little lunch and ventured out to feed the birds. There were lots of places to explore Oso De Oro park and the little girls had a blast. The birds were very close and very big! I couldn't believe how close Tessa got. Sometimes that girl has no fear.

At the Pa

Cheer Camp!

Kamryn and Addi participated in the FCS Cheer Clinic this past month. They thoroughly enjoyed learning cheers and jumping around with thier friends. As much as I thought Addison would enjoy this cheering experience, it was Kamryn who really surprised me. She got totally into each cheer and memorized the words to each cheer. We took plenty of pictures and were so proud of our little girls. Is Fresno Christian Cheer in our future? Oh, and if you are wondering why Kamryn's hair is bright RED, it was a surprise to me too! There was a Kids' Carnival happening at the same time and when I arrived I found out she had visited a booth where they can paint your hair. A couple of other girls visited it you can see. It made for great pictures.
The two cheerleaders in the pictures are some highschoolers that really took to Kamryn and Addi. They became fast friends.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some Firsts

I just had to share some firsts in our household:
1. Tessa's first hairdo...PIGTAILS! (or 'pink'tails, as Addi likes to say). For any mom out there with little girls, you know what I mean! I was so excited about the fact she let me do it and then she didn't even try to pull them out once. She actually wore them all day. This was such a highlight for me...

2. Also, Tessa is showing interest in using the potty. I can't believe it, she seems so young, but I guess I'll go with it. Her little cousin, Ty Long, is 25 months old and he just started training, so Tessa thinks she must too. Slowly but surely.

3. Kamryn (in the dark navy blue) and Addison are cheering in a football game! The went through 3 days of "Cheer Camp" here at Fresno Christian Schools, and then will be cheering during halftime on Friday night. They are both very excited. Addison wore her special cheer outfit all week. I had no problem picking her out of a crowd.

We are so proud of all our girls!

Friday, September 7, 2007

We did it!

Addison and I have been working very hard over the past month to raise money for her plane ticket to Nebraska. My (Jen's) cousin, Seth Quiring, is getting married in early November in Chicago. He and his bride will be having a reception in Nebraska in late November. I thought this would be a great opportunity for Addison and I to go and visit family. So how did we do it? We set out to collect $200 over a span of 12 weeks, beginning August 1st. It seemed a daunting task, so to keep track, we created a chart to plot our progress. Thanks to family and friends saving thier empty cans and bottles for us, ...and a few football games, we managed to collect the full $200 in the month of August! Addison is elated and looking forward to our plane ride. Now her goal is to collect a little extra to be able to bring some "Nebraska Tshirts" home for the family. Thanks to all you who helped donate your was definitely our treasure!