Friday, August 27, 2010

Loving Cohousing

I just love living in cohousing. Here is a glimpse of a morning here in our community:
I wake up to the sun shining through my windows and the geese flying overhead to rest in the ponding basin just behind our community. Getting the girls off to school, I visit with Heidi who has just come in from walking her dogs. Barbara is walking along the pathway and stops to visit aswell. Samantha is trailing behind me and decides to stop and say good morning to the dogs. The morning air is finally cool and we feel at ease taking our time and enjoying the fresh air.
Later in the morning Tessa hears that it is Ms. Pat's birthday and so runs inside to make her a card. She then runs to her house to deliver the gift and ends up playing and visiting with Pat and George (who are in their 60's) for some time. As I write this she is helping George with his chores around the community. The wonderful thing is that she is completely safe and is welcome in the home of others. Samantha has made friends with Jenny across the path. Jenny has a cat named Bebe and has become a special friend to Sammi. Jenny has welcomed Samantha into her home aswell and loves the freedom she has in 'visiting'.
I can't express the safety there is here in our community. The loving nature of all our neighbors and how they welcome our children into their lives. Through this, our girls are learning how to love others and create inter-generational relationships. I pinch this for real?

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Jenn said...

What a wonderful gift to have a community that you can trust and interact with. I love to hear how it is shaping your girls hearts! :)