Monday, March 24, 2008

Watcha Doin' Grampa?

Grampa was working on his car the other day and the girls got curious. Tessa kept asking, "Doing Gampa?" It was all so cute. They kept following him around ask asking questions. Tho he Dad may have been annoyed with them underfoot, he sure didn't show it. He was a great sport. Tessa found out what a 'washer' was and found a bunch of pennies in Grampa's shop. As they looked under the car the asked, "is it scary under there Grampa?" It was cute to see her peering under the car with wide eyes!

Helping Out

The other day we decided to spend some time playing outside. It was a beautiful day to swing, play tag, explore and dig in the dirt. Tessa helped me out with a little weeding and in the process we found some pretty interesting creatures. Tessa and Ty were checking out the slug we found and were both scared to touch the worm. It was fun to explore the backyard, and Addi found the beauty in it all :)

It was such a beautiful day we ended up having a picnic for lunch afterwards. What a fun day!